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May Day menu 1 May 2023

Open: 12.00-18.00


(4-15 years -50%, children under 4 years €0)


Green salad (L,M,VE,G)

Fresh cucumber (L, M, VE, G)

Tomato (L,M,VE,G)

Pickles (L,M,VE,G)

Tomato and onion salad (L, M, VE, G)

Fruity bread and cheese salad (VL)

Coleslaw salad (L,M,VE,G)

Homemade potato salad (L, M, VE, G)

Mustard herring (L,G)

Onion herring (L,G)

Spicy herring (L,G)

Tomato herring rolls (L)

Cold-smoked salmon (L, M, G), Mustard-dill sauce (L, M)

Roast beef (L), horseradish sauce (L,G)

Boiled potatoes (L, M, VE, G)

House bread assortment

Butter (L,G), Hummus (L,M,VE,G), Tsatsiki (L,G)


Overcooked pig (L, M, G)

Chicken in lemon sauce (L, MG)

Basmati rice (L, M, VE, G)

Homemade meatballs (L, M)

Jackets (L, G)

Mashed potatoes (L, G)

Tomato vegetable stew (L, M, VE, G)


Mead, Coffee/Tea

Donuts (L, M, VE)

Chip variety

Place settings


12:30-2:30 p.m